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Uproot Farm is a small, certified organic, diversified vegetable farm about an hour north of the Twin Cities, between Princeton and Cambridge, MN. In 2017 we will grow six acres of vegetables and offer CSA shares as well as sell at both the Fulton and Kingfield Farmers Markets in Minneapolis. Additionally, we sell a small amount of produce to City Center Market in Cambridge, as well as Eastside Co-op in NE Minneapolis.

In 2017 we enter our seventh season growing for CSA after apprenticing on well-established organic vegetable CSA farms. It was on these farms where we learned not only how to grow vegetables, but how to handle veggies post-harvest to ensure maximum storage life and how to put together a well-balanced CSA box. With Uproot you know that your veggies were harvested by one of four people, and that we treat your food as we would want ours treated.

Additionally, with Uproot you’re investing in the ecological community on the farm. We’re working hard to provide long term habitat for everything from soil microbes (very important to soil health) to birds, pollinators, and the occasional less desirable deer. But all of these creatures combined create an ecosystem that benefits the farm as a whole.

The land we’re farming has been in conventional production for several years. We use cover crops, compost applications, and fallow fields in an effort to rejuvenate the soil.

We hope you’ll join us as a participant in this season’s CSA!

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Certified Organic Vegetable CSA shares