Uproot CSA

What is CSA?
CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. In this partnership between you and the farmer, you buy a “share” in each season’s produce, and your return on that investment is the bounty of the season. This provides an opportunity for you to know EXACTLY where your food is coming from, to know your farmer, to take part in the risks and rewards of farming, and to have a true seasonal eating experience. CSA also allows the farmer to know how much to grow, and in receiving pre-payment for the veggies, can buy supplies for that season. CSA is helping to return the idea of community to our food system.

The history of CSA
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Additionally, with Uproot you’re investing in the ecological community on the farm. We’re working hard to provide long term habitat for everything from soil microbes (very important to soil health) to birds, pollinators, and the occasional less desirable deer. But all of these creatures combined create an ecosystem that benefits the farm as a whole.

2017 Uproot CSA
Your share will begin by the third week of June and run for 18 weeks. You will receive an email the week before the first box delivery to let you know the exact start date.

An 18 week CSA share with Uproot Farm is $615.
An every-other-week share (9 weeks) is $330.

In addition to the regular CSA deliveries, members have access to extra veggies for processing (like tomatoes and pickling cukes) available at a wholesale price.

Payment will be accepted in two installments either via Paypal or by check. All registration is online and you may choose your payment method there. Details can be found on the registration page.
** You are more than welcome to pay the full amount at the time of registration.

As a shareholder with Uproot Farm, you are welcome to visit the farm during scheduled shareholder visit or work days, but are not required to do so. If you would like to visit the farm at another time, we would love to have you! But the visit must be scheduled as we’re always out in the field growing your veggies. We will have a CSA pancake breakfast at the farm in May where you can take a farm tour and learn what we’re doing, meet other shareholders, and chat with the farmers. This is not a forced community, but as much of one as you want to make it!

Certified Organic Vegetable CSA shares